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“I believe in love and please do not give up hope. Please keep doing good in the ways that you can, keep showing up. Don’t think that it won’t make a difference or that it’s too small because hope is an action and it will make a difference.”

In such a delicate historical moment, when violence and pain too often seem to prevail, we invite you all to think about the message that Florence has been spreading for a few months during the shows. Hope, the very one that inspired the name of her last record, is a concrete action that each one of us can undertake in our own little way, becoming a key element for a real social and cultural revolution.


That’s why we have decided to launch a project that will involve all of us in an active and mindful way. In order to spread that message of hope and growth we have to break down walls, foster dialogue and create inclusion: we want to do that through culture. We all know how Florence loves books, both as an author and as a reader: her book club Between Two Books has thousands of followers worldwide and several people in art, music and entertainment, besides Florence herself, have given precious literary recommendations over the years. We think that donating books is like giving dreams and hope, especially in times of hardship.  The project Hope is an action consists in the collection of books in order to create a reading space inside one of the anti-violence centres run by the social cooperative BeFree in Rome, hosting women and children victims of violence. 

Be Free runs several anti-violence centres and shelters in various Italian regions. Each centre offers diversified services including listening, support interviews, access to psychological and legal counseling, actions in favour of children and girls and the mother/child relationship. Through the donation of books we want to build a safe and positive space for both adults and children attending the centre. Find out more about BeFree HERE.



You can donate any kind of book, new or second hand, in any language and of any genre. We trust in your good sense: please refrain from donating books about sex or violence.


For every book donated you will have a chance to win a copy of Florence’s book Useless Magic. At the end of the collection we will draw the lucky winner.


ONLINE: buy one or more books on websites like Amazon or IBS and type the following shipping address:

Hope is An Action Project
Via Tommaso Silvestri 28 – Interno 1
00135 Roma

If you already have got books to donate, feel free to send them directly to the same address.

DONATION: money donations will allow us to purchase more books at once, avoiding multiple shipment fees. Every small contribution will be appreciated! Click HERE to donate.

The collection will end on Friday, May 31st.

If you can’t help us, we still encourage you to reach the nearest anti-violence centre in your community and help them concretely!